About 3r

  • The 3r Partnership advises and invests in entrepreneurial owner managed businesses.
  • Gives advice that is always honest and straightforward.
  • Is focussed on adding management value, expertise and potentially investment.
  • Works with clients over the long term.
  • Looks for opportunities to add and generate value.
  • Always acts as a VENTURE CATALYST.

The 3r's are the 3 fundamentals of business - Risks, Relationships, and Resources ©. Taking risks, building relationships, and deploying business resources is what you as business leaders do everyday. The problem is managing the 3r's and at the same time making a profit without running out of cash! 3r offers you access to the skills that will help make sure that you’re successful.

3r's ambition is to be a true partner to its clients businesses. 3r hopes to be motivating to its business clients by being empathetic, energetic, and enthusiastic.

3r is also passionate about being proactive and making a real difference in clients businesses by being creative.

3r adds value by giving real business insight to its clients, bringing focus, and helping to deliver business success, and maybe relieving the management team of some stress.