Why choose 3r?

Take a look at your business. How does it compare with your original vision? It may already be successful and have real value, but is it what you’d hoped it would be? You’re probably already well aware that you should be spending more time working on the business, and less time working in it. Most businesses grow from a vision, and as they grow time get’s swallowed by activities that don’t allow you and the senior team time to use the talents that got the business to where it is. The business is being deprived of the essential resource it needs to move forward. Finance is one of those activities that is taking senior management time and not delivering any value and maybe holding your business back, slowing it down and like it or not (probably mostly not!), financial management is one of the cornerstones of business. 3r will take the finance brakes off and acting as a catalyst for change, will help deliver the business you always wanted. You never know, business might be fun again!

3r believes in adding value to the client business and supporting their business through the 3 business fundamentals so that they will:

  • have more time to run their businesses - not 'too busy working in the business, to work on the business'
  • have a platform on which sales, marketing, product development, and new business development can build
  • gain a competitive advantage
  • have a complete understanding profitability
  • manage liquidity
  • mitigate and manage business risks
  • achieve financial and statutory compliance
  • improve business processes and management