Living Lights Retail Limited

Living Lights Retail Limited is a lighting retailer where customers can 'see their home in a new light', providing lighting to suit every budget in every product range, whilst maintaining a high level of quality, design and style.

Living Lights was spun out of an existing business that was both wholesaling and retailing when the opportunity was seen for the first national branded specialist lighting retailer, offering a wide range of quality products, expert advice and a lighting design service. 3r took a seat on the Board and an equity stake in the new business.

3r had significant input into developing the new retail and brand concept, marketing, definition of the consumer proposition, overall business strategy, financial and management planning and implementing all of the systems necessary to support a UK wide roll-out. 3r also worked to provide the required working and investment capital to support the businesses launch.

A major part of the relaunch was to move the business to new 8,000 sq ft premises to create its flagship retail outlet displaying the full range of its product offering.