For clients that are looking to take advantage of all the benefits of online business systems, The 3r Partnership recommends Aqilla.

      Aqilla is an online accounting software solution designed for todays modern business. Available 24 x 7 from anywhere, the accounting software can scale from single to many users and support simple SME to large multinational requirements.

        Accounting For The 21st Century

        The modern finance department is very different from that which has gone before. It exists to add value and support to businesses; to provide information to aid effective investment and effective corporate governance; to monitor, analyse and influence best practice management. Aqilla is creating accounting and business management solutions that provide the flexibility and ease of use that the modern finance management professional demands. The age of legacy, overly complex and expensive to maintain client server business applications is passing before us like the mainframes and minis did before during the 1990s.Bandwidth, wireless, on-demand and other technologies are key in a Web 2.0 world and are fully exploited by us. The 3rd generation applications that most people use have in many cases been bent and twisted to work post 2000. Worse though, they are supplied by many authors who are too interested in holding customers to pay ever increasing maintenance fees that often offer poor value for money, rather than something to help them do their job.

        Aqilla accounts software costs significantly less than most others and there are no exorbitant annual maintenance fees. The online accounting software is easy to use, up and running in hours not days saves spending money on expensive training and consultancy. The document centric approach to accounting software provides Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, General Ledger, Cash Matching, Sales Invoicing, Purchase Invoicing and Time Management functionality when and where a business needs it. Web-based accounting’ is a modern approach to a traditional challenge – a complete accounting system that is hosted and managed by a specialist service provider and accessed by users over the web via an internet browser for a small monthly rental fee. Sometimes referred to by various terms, including ‘Hosted’, ‘On-demand’, ‘Software-as-a-Service’ (SaaS) or ‘Cloud Computing’, web-based systems offer companies of all sizes access to the latest software without the need for capital investment in hardware and licences, or ongoing management and upgrades. It also reduces implementation time and reduces the complexity of systems, as everything is taken care of by the service provider.

        On Demand solutions provide access to applications for automating functions or entire business processes. The Aqilla application is delivered via a network or the internet and is accessible at any time. The systems are constantly monitored and backed up remotely to ensure the most secure solution possible. Customers need and want something different and we give them something different - real value. The key reasons for choosing an application that runs via the internet or in “The Cloud” are security, speed, efficiency and an opportunity to save money by cutting costs.


        Many commentators testify that operating your critical business systems in a secure, reliable and well managed data centre providing automatic backup and disaster recovery protection proves more reliable than traditional in house client-server based configurations. It is worth noting the bigger risk to many is the possibility of unhappy or unprofessional employees exposing or losing critical data - this is something that could happen with or without a cloud solution. Effective security and managed workflow as implemented in Aqilla can significantly mitigate such a risk.

        Speed and Efficiency

        Buying, installing, implementing, testing and upgrading software is a time consuming and expensive process. With web based applications, organisations aren’t as bogged down with such bureaucracy, allowing them to make quick decisions and easily implement new features. Whilst larger businesses will invariably take longer to deploy new technology, the opportunity afforded in reducing costs is becoming more and more apparent.

        Cut Costs

        Legacy solutions often involve chargeable upgrades and expensive annual maintenance charges. With Web Based Accounting solutions, users can avoid such unnecessary fees and charges that impact the bottom line. The key reasons for choosing Aqilla as your finance and business management system are: Zero Deployment - If users have access to a Web browser, they can access the Aqilla online accounting system. Highly Scalable - The Aqilla online accounting application resides on an application server, which has been designed to handle many thousands of users. Scalability and resilience may be increased by clustering two or more servers. Access Anywhere, Anytime or "On Demand" - Because there is no accounting software loaded on the client device and the inherent low bandwidth requirements of a browser based solution, it is possible to access the Aqilla online accounting system anywhere in the world. Extranet - Provided that sufficient access controls are put in place, it is possible to give an organisation’s partners access to parts of the system providing more responsive levels of self-service. Interoperability - Through the use of Web Services, functionality and data may be exposed to, or retrieved from, external systems in a simple and open manner. Accounting Freedom - developed using proven value for money open source technologies that do not restrict a customer’s choice either now or in the future.

        For a selection of short video demonstrations of a number of aspects of the Aqilla software please use the link below:

        Please contact The 3r Partnership if you would like to talk in more detail about the Aqilla application.