Impetus Financial Management works with entrpreneurial business owners & managers who:
    • Are ambitious for themselves & their businesses.
    • Are unclear view of personal & business financial objectives.
    • Want to better plan & manage their personal & business finances.
    • Who are in need of pro-active personal & business financial management.
    • Who are ready to listen & make changes.

    Impetus Financial Management recognises that for business owners in particular, personal financial planning is often completely linked to the performance, financial planning and management of their businesses. Because of this linkage, tax planning has to take account of both the personal and business situations - there is also often many reasons to have an integrated approach to the legal aspects.

    If the circumstances are right Impetus Financial Management will work with you across the 3 areas of Business Finance, Personal Finance and Tax using a team of specialists in each of the fields, and look for opportunities to generate real value, personal wealth, tax benefits and profit. In other words make finance work for you, your business and your family.

    The services offered cover:

    Business Finance

    • Business Financial Management
    • Financial management
    • Business turnaround
    • Business planning & strategy
    • Business analysis
    • Fundraising
    • Exit planning & preparation
    • Business management systems
    • Interim & non executive director

    Personal Finance

    • Personal financial planning
    • Cashflow management
    • Asset management
    • Estate creation
    • Pension planning


    • Business tax planning
    • Remuneration planning
    • Employee incentives
    • Income tax planning
    • Capital gains tax planning
    • Investor incentives & tax structures

    Impetus Financial Management is a trading name of The 3r Partnership Limited